What I Love About Brooklyn

What did I love most about Brooklyn?

It might have been the neighborhood.

We stayed in the Boerum Hill neighborhood. Close to the Brooklyn bridge, and just south of downtown Brooklyn, we really enjoyed this area. It was busy, sure, but we felt safe and the train connections were just what we needed.

We checked into the hotel and went to the co-op across the street for some dinner. Whenever I travel long-haul, I always crave salads or something fresh for the next day. So naturally, I headed straight for the greens. The guy behind the salads counter was incredibly friendly, and I thought, Ahhh, I’m home again! 

Then again, it might have been the people.

Not five minutes after heading out to find the nearby park, we were lost. Not five seconds later, a woman approached us asking if we wanted help navigating.

“We’re trying to get to Fort Greene Park,” I said.

Brooklyn neighborhood

Boerum Hill… the old and the new…

She was very helpful and this little gesture set the tone for our entire evening. We ate our deli dinner in the park, amazed at how awesome New York City was already! It was love at first sight. The next morning, jetlagged prevailed, and we woke up all too early. Setting out to explore, we came upon a bagel shop, and went in…

bagel store in Brooklyn

Don’t mind if I do!

It was the morning rush, and although 8am, it was already hot. A warm bagel was…not exactly tempting. So we ordered iced coffee and something simple, and decided to find a bench nearby.

So maybe my favorite part about Brooklyn actually ended up being the atmosphere of it.

We sat in the hot morning sun, me with my iced coffee and Nienke with a classic bagel, and just people (ok, dog) watched. We watched people go about their morning, rushing here, rushing there, and giggled about how incredibly lucky and happy we were to be right there, right then. Finally arriving in famous New York City.

street scene

Hanging out in Boerum Hill

I’m still undecided as to what my favorite part about Brooklyn is. Maybe some day I’ll decide…

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