In My Father’s Footsteps, with BRYGG Magazine

In 2014, I went to Melbourne, Australia to study.

Long before I made that decision, however, my dad had made a similar one. After his time serving in the U.S. military, he spent a couple of years in the early 1970’s exploring Australia, with Adelaide as his based. Australia became the core of so many stories and tales from my childhood, and an opportunity for adventure and mystery for me.

So when I was deciding on “what to do next” in life, Australia was an easy decision. Luckily for me, BRYGG coffee magazine was more than happy to pick up the story for their (massive) ninth issue.

This latest issue, including conversations with creatives and other coffee lovers, is available at various specialty coffee stores worldwide, or online:

Brygg Magazine #9


The essay is a modified version of this post, and can also be found on here on Brygg’s website.

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