Chocolate Churros and Eating Remorse

Eating remorse is something that happens far too often after we come back from a trip. How many times we have all complained about feeling fatter or more out of shape? Maybe we should have ordered less wine, more sparkling water?

No, you shouldn’t have. Back away from the chia seeds, and pick up another weird-looking pastry thing!


For €5, a gigantic portion and hot chocolate, and we felt we lived the ultimate fried Spanish experience.

Now imagine: what would have happened had you stuck to the salads, or said no to the Spanish wine?  You would have no idea what the local cuisine is really like. Having my own dietary restrictions, and having traveled with vegetarians, I can attest that following these diets is in fact important, even while on holiday. You shouldn’t eat things that make you sick, pretty much ever, but I don’t want to know what my experience would be like had I said “no” to the churros.

Churros aren’t exactly everyday fare for me.

Of course, it is possible to eat yourself into a miserable cycle of bloating and upset stomach, which is also to be avoided. Striking the balance between fitting into your pants and missing out on experiences can be a tricky game to play. I usually just try to listen to my body, and eat in on those nights where my body says “I need a break from croquettes, please.”

But the next day, you know darn well I’m eating croquettes again.

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