My first time to Copenhagen…was a little on the weird side. Mind you, I had gone in order to have some personal yoga classes with Pure Yoga and spend some time on my own. Up until then that year, each trip had been with someone, and I just wanted to travel on my own “for once” and not have a plan.

Which I did do, and which was great.

And then about Day…Two, I was ready to be social again. Without trying to give my mother nightmares, it included a fire truck being called to the hostel I was staying at, and making friends with two Germans and one Scot.


From inside Rundetårnet

I had an amazing time walking the city with them and am so glad I took that difficult step of reaching out and saying “hey.” Reaching out like that has, admittedly, become a bit more difficult with the years, but at least the last time I was in Copenhagen, I had company!

We stayed in this badass old castle property outside the city. We borrowed bikes and escaped death several times while weaving our way through traffic. The weather was gorgeous, we ate cheese and drank wine in the garden, and life was good.

Frilandsmuseet in Lyngby

Sorgenfri castle, near Lyngby

Both times in Copenhagen, however, I secretly wish Oslo could be more like Copenhagen, and vise versa. I would wish that Copenhagen received less rain (or at least more snow!), and that Oslo was flat, or was more laidback. Mostly, though, that it was more laidback.

Then again, if Copenhagen didn’t have that going for it, what good would it be? 😉

Biking in Copenhagen

Biking in Copenhagen

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