Ehrenfeld, Cologne’s Hippest Borough

Cologne residents love to sing Ehrenfeld’s praises. It’s easy to see why, with independent shops scattered all over the neighborhood, and plenty of high-quality coffee to last you all day. At night, the district becomes a lively place with plenty of places for dancing and concerts.

I decided to stay there for a couple of nights in December, to see if this Köln borough lived up to its reputation.

A huge fan of coffee, I was eager to try Van Dyck Rösterei first. (Yeah, they have a mechanical bear in their window.)

Van Dyck Rösterei

Van Dyck Rösterei–yeah, they have a mechanical bear in their window.

Thing is, as with so many niche quality roasters, Van Dyck fit the bill of being pretentious. I asked about the different roasts and origin countries of the beans, and was met with indifference and not much information. I nonetheless purchased a bag of a Brazilian type that made me giddy at the thought of trying it out at home. Van Dyck is definitely award-winning for a reason!

With the day’s first americano under my belt, I then ventured into Cafe Kogi. Now these were my people! Cafe Kogi was run by super friendly staff, who truly strive for sustainability and taking care of their community. I thoroughly enjoyed my piccolo and walked out with even more coffee–this time,  a lighter roast. 🙂

I enjoyed weaving in and out of all of the niche shops and getting a feel for the neighborhood, which has without a doubt a strong personality and sense of identity. There’s always a party in Ehrenfeld.

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