Milan in Winter

What is there to say about Milan? Well, there’s this:

Sforza Castle

I thought Milan was a beautiful city, full of little surprises. For instance, while just walking around town, I just happened to stumble upon Sforza Castle. It was in a confused moment of trying to figure out where the heck I was exactly, when I looked up and saw the reflection pool staring back at me. Needless to say, I was astounded, and my jaw dropped.

Much of the beauty I found throughout the city was unscripted, and could be found in the courtyards and churches that I just happened to pass by. I warmed up in cafes and restaurants and the oddball cathedral.

What else is there to say about Milan? Well, maybe I should mention the world’s best gelato:

Grom gelato

It was pistachio, and it was heavenly — at Grom

Most of all, however, Milan was Milan.

My Milan trip was leg three of three in a Christmas/New Year’s trip, and as I was working for this leg, I wanted to stay somewhere quieter and slower-paced than the rest of cosmo Milan. I booked a hotel just north of Chinatown, in Isola. It was perfect — I ran every day in the area, and it was in easy reach of the trains and trams.

I had heard mixed reviews about Milan. Some did not like it because it was nothing like Southern Italy (well, duh?) and their expectations had disappointed them. Others did not like the city because of the [apparent] crime and [very real] dog poo that was common to see on the sidewalks. I however was never out too late, and always looked where I walked, so neither of those were an issue.

Winter suits this city. It wasn’t so cold; I walked the city’s length without freezing. Probably because it was off-season, it wasn’t too busy, either: I showed up to Duomo at 9am and went right up to the tower without lines. Which, by the way, was so stunning. It took my breath away. 

Stunning Duomo!

Milan, for me, ended up being simply very…all its own, much in the sense that London or New York City are each their own. Milan had sass. Milan had something extra to it in the air–or maybe that was just the fumes from all of the extra perfume and cologne? I may never know the answer, but I liked it.

Finally, there’s something to be said about how the trip made me feel grateful, cause these occasional stone sidewalks made me swear I would never curse cobblestone again:


Thankful I didn’t pack heels

Until we meet again, Milan…


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