Swinging by Malmö

I swung by Malmö, Sweden, for a couple of days with work, and I could not have been more smitten with the city.

Malmö city bridge

Walking out of the train station, I was immediately struck by the design and use of the public spaces. Everywhere I looked, there were people sitting, hanging out, children playing. It was a perfect summer’s eve, and there was plenty of space for people to relax in the evening sun.

It inspired me to toss by bags on my bed and abandoned my [gorgeous] room at Story Hotel to go for a run along the beach. By the end of the run, I was so infatuated with the city that I wondered why more people didn’t know or appreciate this Swedish beach town.

Story Hotel

Story Hotel overlooks the harbour

The next day was dominated by work, but afterwards, a couple of the guys took me for burgers and wine at two gorgeous wine places. It could just be that Boulebaren is the prettiest wine bar in Malmö. During my stay, the food never stopped to impress, and I fell in love with salads all over again at Holy Greens.

My time in Malmö was essentially all too short, typical of many destinations indeed, but Malmö’s summer charm is unbeatable. And besides, who doesn’t like being swept away by the enchanting Swedish language in summertime?

Malmö beach

Malmö by the beach

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