Tromsø in January

A snippet from my journal:

19 Jan 2017. The local paper claimed that today would bring with it hurricane-like gusts. Based on my experience today, I can’t say I could argue that.

As I marched into the first cafe, I shook off what I could of the experience and the snow. The barista giggled: “A bit of a breeze today, huh?!” Another Tromsøværing, as they’re called, smiled from behind her cup of tea. “Well,” she said, “it’s really not that bad, but I was sad to have had to leave the bike at home today.”

I’m telling you, I haven’t seen a snowstorm this bad since I lived in Iowa. There, the snow is light and dry and slaps at your face, like a thousand little spikes. This snow, however, was heavy, wet snow, which seemed to blow from the ground up. The only place it didn’t end up was on my slick rubber boots. I spent more time in museums and at the film festival today than I have on any other winter trip ever (hmm, except for maybe Tallinn).


That was my journal entry for that day, which seemed to “tell all” about my experience in Tromsø a little over a year ago.

I continued my day by visiting a local ashtanga yoga class, which was much needed after so much…winter. It was great to sweat again after such a long and windy day. Then I met up with Tove again, this time viewing Mogadishu Soldier together at TIFF before a nightcap and the bus back home.

I decided to plan my visit to Tromsø around the Film Festival week. I had never been in the city and thought that that the film festival was the perfect way to spend my extra vacation days. My adoration for film festivals is a great one, and I was giddy at the chance to finally go to TIFF.

The final sentence in my journal sums it up well:

I do like Tromsø and the film festival was out of this world! ….but, I’m ready to go home.

I can relate to year-ago me, and I can still hear the giggle of the local at my appearance and facial expression as I shook the snow off of me that day. Bidding farewell to January this year is just as easy; let February come! Longer days with more sun, more snow, skiing, and perhaps–just perhaps–we can avoid those hurricane-strength gusts.

The Tromsø Cathedral downtown

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