Try Texas: It May Surprise You

I’ve been coming to Texas for twenty years and have seen it twenty ways, yet it keeps surprising me.

Although I always enjoy splashing around in the pool and dancing to David Byrne LPs, it was time to think of what else to do in the A/C.

In figuring how to spend the blistering afternoons in Texas, we decided upon The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. They did an excellent job at making weird things understandable to the most skeptic of skeptics. Including me.


A piece by Ellsworth Kelly

My relationship with modern art has been a turbulent one. Starting out being completely disinterested, it wasn’t until Mona in Hobart that I really started to like it. It was an eye-opening experience that made me realize that anyone can like art, and that everyone is allowed their own interpretation of it. Just like with wine, just like with coffee, just like with people: there will be kinds you like and kinds you don’t. That’s life.

ladder to heaven

Ladder for Booker T. Washington, by Martin Puryear

In all these years coming to Texas, I had not been to an art museum. The average tourist might expect Dallas to hold all the cultural trends around those parts, but nay! Cow Town holds its own, and there are plenty of museums and exhibitions that we simply did not have the time for.

Towering steel sculpture

The Vortex, by Richard Serra

I am always advocating for Fort Worth. Smaller, more diverse, and friendlier than Dallas, it is one of my favorite [big] cities in Texas. The trip to the Modern just made it even more likeable.

Try Texas. It may surprise you.

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