When Family Comes to Town

I’ve always said, “If you think I’m funny, you should really meet my family.”

This includes my cousins in Tau, Western Norway. I’ve known them since 1994, and loved them ever since. I try to visit them in Tau as often as I can, as I enjoy taking the ferry, feeling the mist from the sea on my face, and retelling old stories while sipping on aquavit. Yeah, it’s just like coming home.

So when I expressed how sad I was that I wasn’t sure when I would be able to make it back out West again, they said, “Well, it’s about time that we come visit you and see your life in Oslo!” So they did.

Oslo ferry

Of course, we had to go on a ferry. The weather was also perfect for it.

The weekend was a whirlwind of sun, beer, and living as a tourist in my own city.

You got to have a little motivation after all that walking!

Showing someone around Oslo always teaches me something new, something I never noticed before, or going somewhere I had not yet bothered to explore. Oslo is constantly transforming, as any dynamic city does. And sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with what/who is cool, and new places that are actually worth the hype. Seeing Oslo as a tourist ultimately makes me love Oslo even more. After all, I’m close to nature yet close to the airport, two of my favorite things. 🙂

Showing friends around the city have always brought me joy. When family comes to town…man alive! How fun. John Magne and Merete have seen me grow up! I celebrated my 14th birthday with them (where they said “now you can drink coffee!”) and rejoiced when I made the move to Norway. To be able to hang out with them in Oslo was fun. To be honest, though, I hope that next time, I’m on a ferry to Tau, visiting them!

Oslo Bjørvika


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